Thank you, friends.

We’ve had some really hard days over the past month+, but between the tears, we have been buoyed by the outpouring of love and sympathy from friends and family. Your cards, calls, and messages mean more than you will ever know.

We had a family-only graveside service for Mom on February 20. Our entire immediate family was there, all 31 (31 2/3, actually – Kyle and Sarah Ann are expecting in May). Former South Park pastor, Bruce Eberline gave us an exceptionally encouraging and comforting devotional as we gathered in the snow on a bright, sunny day in Park Ridge. We enjoyed sharing stories and pictures over a meal from Mom and Dad’s friends that own Ay Caramba in Park Ridge, and we watched the great-grands joyfully run around afterward.

Dad has been encourage by a song over the past few weeks. It’s called “If You Could See Me Now” by Don Moen. It’s told from the perspective of someone who has passed from this life to the next…

Our prayers have been answered, I finally arrived
The healing that had been delayed is now realized
No one’s in a hurry, there’s no schedule to keep
We’re all enjoying Jesus, just sitting at His feet
If you could see me now, I’m walking streets of gold
If you could see me now I’m walking tall and whole
If you could see me now, you’d know I’ve seen His face
If you could see me now, you’d know the pain’s erased
You wouldn’t want me to ever leave this place
If only you could see me now

We know that there is Hope. We take comfort in that, just as we take comfort in the kindness shown to us by those whose lives Mom’s life touched.

We’re still unsure when we’ll be able to have a public service for Mom. At this point it looks like it will be in the spring, maybe when the weather is conducive to holding something outdoors. We’ll be sure to post information here as soon as we have plans.

Thank you all.

Steve, June, and Bob

5 thoughts on “Thank you, friends.

  1. Thank you for keeping in touch. I continue to pray for comfort and wisdom in decision making. Please keep in contact. Thanks again


  2. Thank you for this beautiful post. I am praying for you and knowing that all is well in Heaven. Please let me know if a gathering is going to occur in the spring. I would love to come. God’s blessings to you all. Hugs, Bob. Hope to meet your family someday. Linda


    1. Our prayers and thougts are with you family during this period of grief over your loss. We also grive along with you.


  3. Joyce hired me to work at the youth campus. She was always overseeing me even in my difficult times. She was retired but her love for mankind always reigned. God 🙌 you Joyce, in my retirement I will always remember you fondly and with care.


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